Why You Need a Good School Management Software System

A solid and effective school management software system is essential for each school today. These amazing solutions help you to automate and streamline your school’s all administrative and academic procedures including hostel management. School

Be Smart to Switch to Smart Attendance System

Why Implement Smart Attendance SystemMost schools, colleges, and universities are looking to use smart attendance systems today. They use them for registering the attendance of their staff members, clerks, accountants, administrative staff, and other

Does Your Attendance System Need to Be Reformed

Are You Looking For A Biometric Attendance System Software Now? Well, an effective biometric attendance system software for your school or institution is very much essential these days. These solutions help you to manage any number of headcount and t

Some Vital Features to Look For in a Biometric Attendance System

Trends in the tech world come and disappear but, do you know some of them end up making an effective impact on people’s lives? Well, the list of such trends is quite long but here, the discussion is all about the biometric attendance system. This i

Choose Web-Based Attendance System That Boosts Your ROI

If your school or college’s attendance system is not aligned with your students and teachers, then you may need a new one. Your attendance system must enable you to efficiently track and monitor your employee productivity and hours of work. Many ed

Why Biometric Attendance System Has Become Important In Educational Institutes?

Do you know that the biometric attendance systems have become a necessity in educational institutes? And, according to studies, it is rising with every day as these systems are faster, more accurate, and convenient. Besides that, it is quite versatil

How school ERP software in India Improves Students Learning Experience?

In this digital age, ERP software for school has emerged to be a vital tool for enjoying seamless, easier, and productive work. In our previous blogs, we have discussed how school ERP helps in managing the school administration efficiently and effect

Hassle-Free Payroll Integration with ERPAcademe Smart Attendance System

Payroll is a serious responsibility be it school or any business organization. Without due diligence, there can be a discrepancy and massive chaos. When it comes to financial matters, we can’t afford to mess it up. From registers to excel sheets, t

6 Tips To Track Student Attendance During Online Learning

COVID-19 has changed the way of operating schools and the process of teaching and learning. School and colleges are trying hard to make the best use of technology to impart online classes that are effective and fruitful. The biggest challenge is atte

Top School Management Software Trends In 2020

COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise for it led to the digital transformation of schools and colleges. Use of cloud-based school management software has become a necessity for educational institutions to function. Here are the top School Management

How School Management Software Will Help Parents?

School management software has changed the shape of education in India. This modern technology is helping in the smooth flow of all the procedures of educational organizations. As everything is automated, academic and administrative jobs are easier t

School ERP Software: How to Protect Students Data Security

The demand for School ERP software in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Why not when this cloud-based architecture is quick to implement, easy to install, runs smoothly across all devices and needs low maintenance. ERP software for school is a wo

#1 Way to Manage Different Types of School Records

A school has to maintain different types of records because it is answerable to the education department, managing committee and many other stakeholders including students. Records based on facts and numbers help in performing academic and administra

Impact of COVID-19 in Indian Education System

COVID-19 has not only ruined the health care sector and economy of India but changed the way of living. Modern technology seemed to be like a blessing in disguise during the lockdown. It served as the backbone in every industry including the educatio

What’s the Importance of ERP School Software?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is playing a great role in making business win a competitive edge. With the growing demand in all service sectors, ERP has also made a mark in the education system. ERP School in 2020 is a boon for students

Do You Understand the Need of ERP Software for Your School?

Lockdown and closure of schools due to COVID19 is a big issue, hampering the education system along with work efficiency and organizational productivity. But, thanks to digital tools and cloud based technologies like ERP school software, you can now

Did You Know These Excellent Benefits of Intelligent Biometric Attendance System?

Do you want to upgrade your school with a smart attendance system? Then it’s time to install a biometric attendance machine! Robust and secure, this technology provides automatic attendance management.  Today this school attendance

Install a Smart Attendance System in Your School Now!

Do you want to get rid of the tedious manual process of school attendance and registers? Then you must avoid conventional school methods in this digital era and upgrade to a smart attendance system. It is very daunting for teachers to not

Why Smart Attendance System is Digital Advise?

All kinds of organisations need a robust attendance system to ensure the efficiency of all the operations.  Maintenance of accurate attendance records of students and employees in schools can help handle discrepancies and disparities.Pres

Why Do Schools Need Hostel Management Software?

Modern schools are implementing smart schooling technology to look after all the daily chores. This makes their operations smooth and reduces the volume of inefficiencies. School management ERP software does an exceptional job of organizing al

Streamline The Complete School Activities With ERP Software

School ERP software are highly robust and scalable systems to store academic and financial records in schools. Apart you can use ERP to streamline all the school activities such as registrations, admissions, fee collection, lesson planning, attendanc

Upgrade Your School Management With Best ERP Software

ERP has automated all the processes of schools and colleges. In a nutshell, it has optimized work efficiency. If you aren’t using ERP to manage your academic and administrative jobs, it’s the right time to upgrade your school administration wit

Top 10 Benefits of Biometric Attendance System/Machine

Top Benefits of Biometric Attendance System/Machine Automated attendance marking systems are a top necessity in institutes in the current educational scenario. They help automate the manual process for taking attendance, calculating absents

How is ERP School Software Beneficial For An Education System?

How is ERP School Software Beneficial for an Education System? ERP school software ensures the smooth running of all the procedures of educational organizations, thereby reducing the costs and maximizing the effectiveness and capacity. 

Why ERP Software Became a Necessity For The Education System?

Why ERP software became a necessity for the education system? Modern-day, the need for automation has become indispensable. There has been a huge transformation in the delivery of education. The ubiquitous availability of the Internet, enhanced

Benefits of School management software

Managing school finance, student admission, registration, class schedules, and other process-driven tasks is quite daunting. Thanks to the digital era and the emergence of advanced technologies like school management software.   The cloud-based

Role of ERP in school examination management system

Examination times are crucial for schools and colleges and examination is quite an intricate process. It is the busiest time and requires intense planning and management to minimize errors. Right from room allocations, staff allocations to assessme

Why you cannot afford to miss school ERP software in 2019?

The biggest challenge of any educational institute is minimizing administrative hassle, achieving high-level work efficiency and organizational productivity. You can overcome this challenge by implementing school ERP software. School ERP sof

Role of school management application in library management

Libraries play a crucial role in the education industry. But library management is a common areaof challenge in most schools and colleges. Manually handling and maintaining registerscontaining the data of books available in library or date of books i