How School Management Software Will Help Parents?

  • 5 Nov 2020

How School Management Software Will Help Parents?

School management software has changed the shape of education in India. This modern technology is helping in the smooth flow of all the procedures of educational organizations. As everything is automated, academic and administrative jobs are easier to handle plus work efficiency is better.

We have already discussed in previous blogs as to why Education ERP is necessary for schools.

This post explains how it is helpful for parents:

1. Get daily performance reviews

Parents need not wait for parents-teachers meetings to know how their kids are performing at school. Just log in to the school ERP app and get every detail - weekly tests, quiz contests, poster competitions, behaviour in class, assignments, interaction with peer etc. School ERP allows robust communication between parents and teachers. You can now better know your kids’ strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate measures for their overall development.

2. No more missing homework

Be it home or school, children are busy multi-tasking. And missing important homework/assignments or deadlines are quite common. Missing crucial information due to illness and absence is another problem. Tracking information from school ERP software will ensure that you stay tuned with all the important information related to the project/assignment. So, no more complaints from teachers!

3. Track your child’s attendance

Bunking school for movies or other fun activities is the trend growing by leaps and bounds. Getting attendance insights from the education ERP system is the best way parents can ensure their children are disciplined. The discrepancy in attendance is another common issue - which is obvious with manual handling of register books. Biometric system is brilliant in cutting off attendance errors. In case of any confusion, you can reach out to concerned teacher immediately and solve the issue.

4. Exams and report cards

Parents don’t have to wait for their children to barring home their mark sheets. You can simply log into the school management software using your mobile app and check out notifications related to events, exams and report cards. Take a look at the data-sheet and download in a single click. Sometimes children hide their results due to poor score, but thanks to education ERP - everything is transparent now.

5. Pay your fee on time

It is difficult for parents living in remote areas to visit their children’s school to deposit their fees. But, this is a digital world and solutions are very simple. School management software allows parents to make online fee payments and download e-receipts. Also, you will get reminders if you are about to miss the last date.

This paperless method saves time, paper and energy. Interesting, isn’t it?

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