Student Management System Bringing Students, Staff & Academics under One System

All the Educational institutions around the world are facing the challenge of handling student information in the most suitable way. The student management software is one of the very important software that has become a must-have entity for every educational institute. Free student management software offered by ERPAcademe can have limited functionalities as compared to its premium version, though you do get a few basic and fundamental features that are vital for any free student management software.

A significant component of the module is that it has been structured in a manner that it organizes all the fundamental needs of any student. It can be safely accessed with the login credentials to get all the updated information through a day to day class timetable and instructor distributions. The student can likewise get updates about test plans, seminars, practical, remaining fees, library records, or any changes in the class schedule. The ERPAcademe free student management software includes the accommodation of class attendance and progress reports of students.

Our student management software system is incorporated with improved access to individuals who are board members of an organization. Here, they can update official declarations and notices that can be accessed by instructors, students, staff and guardians. This module can also be utilized to approve presentations and financial development within the system. Another additional feature in this software allows parents and guardians to keep a track of their ward’s participation records, fee installment, class plans, test timetables, progress reports, and other everyday happenings in the school.

ERPAcademe is here to deliver solutions that operate on several interrelated modules that have been optimally integrated to help your organization simplify all administration and management process. Right from strategic instructing, learning, and research, everything is available in real time to streamline all education process offering benefits to both students and teachers. Below are the most basic modules which will help any school to manage their students in the most effective way.

Admission Confirmation

Streamline the admission confirmations procedure, distinguish difficulties faced by students, and meet your enlistment objectives with the Student.

• Effectively set and track confirmation prerequisites and qualifications.

• Enable candidates to self-serve with easy to understand instructions.

• Provide Score to candidates on the probability of confirmation.

• Convey admission confirmation messages in real-time.

Curriculum Management

Make, oversee, and look after courses—utilizing one simple to-utilize curriculum management program system.

• Oversee course qualification, essentials, preventions, and limitations.

• Keep faculty information updated.

• Set parameters to control student’s enlistment and hold up the list limit.

• Utilize continuous information to rapidly choose whether to include or exclude courses.

Student Records

Effectively deal with all enlistment related exercises, including enrollment techniques, learning appraisals, and finish of instructive targets.

• Allow understudies to design, get to courses, and register on any type of device.

• Ascertain enlistment status to set educational cost, charges, and money related guide qualification.

• Track program and status changes to deal with students' progress.

Financial Management

Give your bookkeeping and account office knowledge into all parts of students' financials with a solitary understudy data system.

• Enable candidates to pay application charges and enlistment stores on a third party website.

• Figure educational cost and charges depend on the selected course, for example, a program of study or scholarly term. Provide discounts/refunds dependent on students, classes, and outsider criteria.

• Get a preview of student’s accounts with a different type of records

• Ascertain and record income by monetary period.

Experience the power of single integrated free student management software and enjoy seamless management of students with ERPAcademe. It has now become an essential commodity for institutions that are willing to explore the technological approach for a fast growing educational environment. To remain competitive, every school today needs solutions that are simpler, giving more time for teacher student interaction.

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