Top 10 Benefits of Biometric Attendance System/Machine

  • 1 May 2020

Top 10 Benefits of Biometric Attendance System/Machine

Top Benefits of Biometric Attendance System/Machine

Automated attendance marking systems are a top necessity in institutes in the current educational scenario. They help automate the manual process for taking attendance, calculating absents and other relevant things. 

Also, they help cut down the money and time spent on manual attendance taking processes. Teachers can easily track the time students enter their classes and calculate accurately. Biometric attendance machines help teachers analyse the absenteeism records, trace working intervention and frame solutions for the same. 

Here are some of the top benefits of using biometric attendance systems for students:

  •  Reduce the duplicity in data entry and find out errors in the attendance
  •  Cloud-based attendance systems eliminate paper money along with the time and effort
  •  Enhance the visibility to control students attendance and absence level in different campuses
  •  Keep a track of the attendance of teachers and supporting staff
  •  Easy work allocation and management
  •  Tracking of leave requests in real-time
  •  Calculation of leaves and reward points
  •  Inform the parents about the attendance of the students through emails and SMS
  •  High security as all the users have different role-based permissions
  •  Generate different types of report for student attendance

These machines detect the biological traits of an individual and use technology to identify students based on his/her individual makeup. Biometrics systems use multispectral sensors to detect the thumbprints or fingerprints. All the information stored in them is highly secure as the fingerprints aren't easily recoverable.

Biometric systems reduce time theft. In many organizations, employees waste a lot of time. Calculation of this lost time helps you know how much productivity has been affected. Therefore, biometric systems help regulate punctuality.

The accuracy of the attendance system enhances productivity and accountability. At ERPAcademe we will help you explore all the benefits of the automatic biometric systems. Hurry Up! It’s the high time to embrace biometrics in your school.

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