Did You Know These Excellent Benefits of Intelligent Biometric Attendance System?

  • 1 Sep 2020

Did You Know These Excellent Benefits of Intelligent Biometric Attendance System?

Do you want to upgrade your school with a smart attendance system? Then it’s time to install a biometric attendance machine! Robust and secure, this technology provides automatic attendance management. 

Today this school attendance software is widely available in India? You will be glad to know that it is financially viable and easy and simple to install in your school, vocational training centers, and colleges.

Biometric attendance is the need of the hour because it facilitates seamless integration of data with backend software. Using a Wi-Fi or SIM-based system, you can transfer the data to a server using the internet. The growing demand for biometry is to enjoy a centralized database system that all the users can access easily. 

Here’re the top 5 benefits of the biometric attendance system:

1. Security and privacy

Due to the growing rate of child abduction and trafficking in India, parents are scared to send their children to schools. But, the biometric attendance system - supported with a strong encryption method - in educational institutes improves student security.

Only authorized people with valid biometric credentials can gain access to biometry so there is no scope of strangers to have unfettered access to children. Real-time data access and SMS alerts help authorities to notify parents when a child is missing or absent in lessons/periods.

2. Prevent proxy attendance

It is a common issue in schools where some students abscond and ask their peers to give proxy attendance or tamper attendance books. But, biometric technology doesn’t allow any sort of manipulation. Because fingerprints or face recognition are unique to a person and cannot be copied. Therefore, schools can assure accurate, transparent, and reliable attendance records! Buddy punching is impossible!

3. Stop cheating

There is no scope of any student appearing for exams under someone else’s name. It is impossible for anyone to use their relatives or cousins to take a test on their behalf. That ensures a smooth exam process as every student has to turn up for the exam using use his or her fingerprint to move in and out of the school.

4. Accurate payroll processing

A smart attendance system makes it easy to track the attendance of students, teachers, and staff and generate staff payroll. Biometry allows accurate and reliable calculation of employees’ work hours, leaves, and payments. No data errors! You just need to integrate the data with the concerned HR or Payroll processing department. So, the biometric attendance tool reduces the burden of the payroll department.

5. Productivity / Efficiency

Traditional methods of attendance management were time-consuming and arduous. The biometricattendance machine puts an end to this expensive affair of processing papers or creating schedules that also generated huge paper waste. Using effective technology for attendance saves an ample amount of time and effort. In addition, transparent and accurate data, aids in resource optimization. This results in the efficient administration and increased productivity.

Given these excellent benefits would you like to install an intelligent biometric attendance system for your school? Call us today! 

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