School ERP Software: How to Protect Students Data Security

  • 29 Oct 2020

School ERP Software: How to Protect Students Data Security

The demand for School ERP software in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Why not when this cloud-based architecture is quick to implement, easy to install, runs smoothly across all devices and needs low maintenance.

ERP software for school is a wonderful method to reduce administrative hassle. Yet, student’s data security is always a matter of concern. Because right from attendance to fee payment, lesson playing, library management, student-teacher-parent interaction, ERP streamlines all the school activities.

Now, this process needs personal details of student, teachers and parents, which are safely stored in the digital platform. Talking about the education system, data security touches multiple stakeholders including students. Being minor, students are highly vulnerable to data hackers and cyberbullying. That said, teachers and parents are equally at risk.

Unauthorised access to student’s private information such as age, home address, medical details, financial details can motivate people with malicious intentions to harm them. And the consequences of a data breach can be benign to life-changing. Therefore, data security for students is as important as physical security.

Here are data protection tips for school:

1. Allow access to data only to authorised personnel.

2. Limit access to sensitive information with permissions from higher authorities.

3. Keep a watch on the activity of all those who have access to this information.

4. Encryption of data so that unauthorised third parties cannot decipher the encrypted data.

5. Authentication of data - that is asking for the password, fingerprint, or other forms of authentication tools in order to access the stored data.

6. Proper data backup so that valuable information can be retrieved from an additional source in case it is lost due to technical glitches.

7. Data masking (partially covering or masking important data) is vital to prevent the culprit from misusing the private and confidential information that is supposed to be accessed only by the user to whom the information belongs to.

8. Use of anti-virus to protect the computer from hackers, viruses, malware and other types of cyberattacks.

9. Secured mode of online fee payment.

Above all it’s up to the school management authorities - they must carefully judge when depending on ERP software for school - to maintain data security and prevent the breach of student privacy in your educational institution.

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