6 Tips To Track Student Attendance During Online Learning

  • 7 Dec 2020

6 Tips To Track Student Attendance During Online Learning

COVID-19 has changed the way of operating schools and the process of teaching and learning. School and colleges are trying hard to make the best use of technology to impart online classes that are effective and fruitful. The biggest challenge is attendance management especially when schools have more remote learning students.

Here are 6 ways to track student attendance during online learning:

1. Manual Attendance

You can maintain an attendance book like good old days and manually mark the presence and absence of each student. Unlike offline classes, online sessions have own disadvantages. Students may drop out randomly due to network issues and sometimes the number of students attending the class can be higher than you can manage. You can opt for cloud based biometric attendance system, software specially designed to record the attendance and generate reports in a single click.

2. Self-Reporting Attendance

For the smooth running of online classes with 100% attendance, you may create an attendance sheet in the Google Form and share it with all your students for self-reporting of attendance. Students can log in with their respective email accounts, fill the form or submit a survey as you want while the time, date and other details will get updated automatically. However, this cheap and simple method can become cumbersome if you have to manage this way for every class.

3. Video call

This is recommended only when you have a small classroom size. You can ask all the students to keep their cameras on because it will ensure maximum engagement from all students. It may not be a feasible option for those without high-speed internet as they cannot meet the high bandwidth requirement.

4. Online assessments

Teachers can arrange a short quiz or timed assignment after the class to ensure a 100% engagement of students. The answers can be taken as audio or chat or emails provided with the online classroom. There are various e-learning and student information software that is designed to collect the timestamp and email id of the students along with the answers to the quiz.

5. Check Analytics

It is crucial for schools and colleges to implement web based biometric attendance system and avoid proxy attendance or any other discrepancies. Various online education platforms provide participation analytics. You can easily collect and export the data.

6. Involve Parents

Digitization allows schools to involve parents in the online learning process which is helpful in these unsettling times where students are joining from their homes. Parents can have an overview of what is being taught by accessing lesson plans from teachers and track the learning progress of their children.

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