Why Do Schools Need Hostel Management Software?

  • 7 Jul 2020

Why Do Schools Need Hostel Management Software?

Modern schools are implementing smart schooling technology to look after all the daily chores. This makes their operations smooth and reduces the volume of inefficiencies. School management ERP software does an exceptional job of organizing all school administration. It gives you a clear picture of what is happening across different levels of your educational organization.

Hostel management in schooling is one of the most difficult tasks. It requires regular information updates, preventing redundancy and inconsistency of data. This calls the need for effective hostel management software that helps you manage all the activities of your hostel.

How can you use software for hostel management for students?

Hostel management requires close maintenance and supervision of all the inmates. The safety and security of the students are the top priorities of schools. Also, you need to keep a track of the student count, maintain their details, allocate rooms, cancel admissions, and much more.

Let’s have a brief of the benefits you can extract from hostel management software:

Room Allocation: Allocating rooms manually is cumbersome in big hostels. Wardens can use the hostel management software to allot rooms to all the students without any duplicity.

Rent calculation: Calculating the rents periodically may seem a tedious task to hostel wardens. The automatic rent calculator utility in the hostel management software can help them to calculate all the rents easily.

Visitor Management: Visitors are allowed to visit the students in hostels. However, it is mandatory to keep a track of all the visitor information. This information would prove very helpful if any problem occurs later.

Visitor management is a crucial module of hostel management software for students. You can keep a tab on the visitors who visit the hostel premises throughout the day. The software allows you to generate reports on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  These reports can be stored online preventing the need to keep hard copies.

Mess Management: Mess management modules make it easy to monitor the mess details. For instance, you need to keep records of the grocery, food timetable and menu, duty allocation, and much more. All this can be easily tracked using the specific modules in the hostel management software.  

Attendance of Students: Keeping the daily attendance records of the students using pen and paper is a tiring process. It takes a lot of time and there could be errors as well. Wrong attendance details can create havoc. Thus, hostel management for students becomes easy with attendance software.

Issuing Gate pass: The hostel inmates need a gate pass to move in and out of the hostel. The hostel management software issues the gate pass and validates the student to go out. You can get real time status updates whenever you want.

Send Notification to parents: Keeping parents in the loop is the most important element of hostel management for students. You can send notifications to parents and keep them updated about their children. For example, you need to send fee reminders, mess bills, attendance, and outing records to parents.

Hostel management software is an indispensable unit of school management software. All the tasks are done automatically saving a lot of time and effort.

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