Install a Smart Attendance System in Your School Now!

  • 13 Aug 2020

Install a Smart Attendance System in Your School Now!

Do you want to get rid of the tedious manual process of school attendance and registers? Then you must avoid conventional school methods in this digital era and upgrade to a smart attendance system.

It is very daunting for teachers to note down the names of students present and absent in registers or papers generating heaps of waste. Again, it is impossible to prevent proxy attendances or resolve conflicts with regard to low attendance. 

Decades ago schools were comprised of small staff size and few students, and today the Indian education system is the second largest in the world. Such is the educational expansion and this demands effective and efficient data management.

 What if one can access student information from a centralized platform?

 Here comes the role of the smart attendance system!

Why do you need to install it?

  1. *. Track the attendance of students and staff
  2. *. Access real-time data
  3. *. Decrease manual effort
  4. *. Avoid tampering with attendance books and course conflicts
  5. *. Transparent, reliable  and accurate records
  6. *. Easy payroll processing
  7. *. Hassle-free data management 

There are various types of biometry systems like face recognition, thumb or fingerprints, iris recognition, or RFID systems for attendance.

Next-generation biometry system records the in and out times of the users, tracks the duration of presence, leaves taken, lunch breaks, holidays and other details. This system can ease calculation of salary payment of employees.

With a smart attendance tool, schools can easily replace the absent staff and teachers to avoid disruptions in classroom activities. The best thing about cloud-based technologies is syncing. You can sync attendance with timetables to track the student attendance of each period.

Biometry or RFID systems can seamlessly integrate the attendance data in a short span of time. If the biometry integration is Wi-Fi or SIM-based it is easier to transfer the data to a server using the internet. Thus, centralized attendance database system allows easy access to data anytime.

Another added advantage is automatic notifications!

 If a child is missing or not attending school regularly, parents can soon be informed via SMS alert. Such an efficiency tracking system helps prevent any interdisciplinary activities or unforeseen circumstances likely to hit students.

 By installing smart attendance for school, you can ensure child safety that can take your organization’s image to the next level.  By establishing trust you can motivate more parents to enroll their children in your school.

 There is nothing to worry about when it comes to biometry or RFID because you will get controlled access to information. In addition to improved student safety, you can relax about data security too.

 Are you ready to install an efficient, time-saving, reliable, and accessible system for student attendance in your school?

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