#1 Way to Manage Different Types of School Records

  • 22 Oct 2020

#1 Way to Manage Different Types of School Records

A school has to maintain different types of records because it is answerable to the education department, managing committee and many other stakeholders including students. Records based on facts and numbers help in performing academic and administrative tasks efficiently and plan future programmes flawlessly.

Here are the most important records that every school must maintain:

1. Teacher’s logbook

Teachers need to maintain a record of their daily teaching-learning activities including lesson plans, teaching, tests, revisions and others. Some schools maintain these logbooks manually but most schools prefer computerized records. The objective is to plan lessons in advance and deliver lectures in a systematic and organized manner.

2. Teachers’ Attendance Register

This is a book that contains a record of the time of arrival and departure of all the teachers working in a school along with their respective signatures. Holidays and leaves are also entered for salary calculation and tracking the performance of each teacher.

This was the common trend before the invention of the biometric attendance machine. Biometric system is the digital storage of attendance and it automates leave processes. It facilitates seamless integration of data with backend software. You can transfer the data to a server using the internet.

3. Student Attendance Registers:

The register contains details of all the students present and absent throughout the year and the number of leaves taken by them. Tracking student’s attendance is essential to evaluate their performance and regularity. There is a growing usage of Biometric attendance system for students for reasons same as mentioned above.

4. School calendar

A school plans in advance - the number of working days, holidays, vacations, exams, result days and so on. Thanks to the digitalized school calendar, much of the year planning can be done smoothly.

5. Fee and accounts register

These are records of fee transaction made by each student in a school and other payments involving miscellaneous expenditure. With the help of online accounts and fee management system,  a-z payments are automated. Hence, parents need not travel to schools or stand in a long queue for payments.

There are many other types of records a school must maintain like laboratory activities, equipment, admission record, library records, staff record, visitors’ book and cumulative records. Manual handling of such huge data is risky. The safest and brilliant record management technique is School ERP system.

School ERP system

This is the one-stop solution that is highly robust and scalable. Besides maintaining academic and financial records, ERP streamlines all the school activities right from admissions to fee, attendance to results. This system maintains accurate data, minimizes discrepancy and also generates e-receipts.

You need not maintain a separate digital record for each type of school record. School ERP is all-in-one! A cloud-based architecture for multiple users. Teachers, parents and students can stay tuned with the latest events in school as they can access information in real-time. ERP saves time, energy and paper.

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