Hassle-Free Payroll Integration with ERPAcademe Smart Attendance System

  • 21 Dec 2020

Hassle-Free Payroll Integration with ERPAcademe Smart Attendance System

Payroll is a serious responsibility be it school or any business organization. Without due diligence, there can be a discrepancy and massive chaos. When it comes to financial matters, we can’t afford to mess it up. From registers to excel sheets, there have been many changes for effective attendance management and payroll integration. Thanks to smart attendance system, things have never been easier.

Not only schools but smart attendance system is also used in coaching institutes, colleges, and universities for recording attendance of staff members, clerks, accountants, and other administrative officials.

The Biometric attendance system is the most widely used attendance recording machine all over India. The system captures the biological aspect of the human body such a fingerprint to prevent proxy attendance. The data is stored against an individual's name at the time of registration. Each time an employee arrives at and leaves from school, he/she has to palace finger on the machine, and the pattern is matched against the name. If it’s found to be true, the attendance is recorded and stored.

How ERPAcademe biometric attendance system works

  • Designed to be robust and smart
  • Zero redundancy
  • It is reliable, easy and quick
  • Prevents proxy attendance
  • Easily captures In-Time and Out-Time

Using ERPAcademe smart attendance system that has biometric and payroll integrated, you can get rid of manual calculation and other daunting tasks.

With the help of such a system, you can track day to day attendance of the students, teachers and other staff. Also, this system will manage the holidays and week offs automatically.

According to school requirements, you can also add various elements like earning and deduction or any other allowances. Mobile app is another big advantage because users can download it in their smartphones and add leaves, which can be approved or rejected by the management.

Therefore, a school generate monthly data of each user and get to know the number of days they were present and absent and credit their salaries accordingly.

Using such smart technology in schools also makes the audit work less tedious because you can now easily verify payment details.

What else?

Smart attendance system allows employees to download their pay slip whenever they want.

Isn’t it a simple, effortless method to generate error-free payroll?

So, what are you waiting for?

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