Do You Understand the Need of ERP Software for Your School?

  • 15 Sep 2020

Do You Understand the Need of ERP Software for Your School?

Lockdown and closure of schools due to COVID19 is a big issue, hampering the education system along with work efficiency and organizational productivity. But, thanks to digital tools and cloud based technologies like ERP school software, you can now reduce administrative hassle by working things online.

Well, what exactly is this school ERP system?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planner that manages the entire business process for a school. As a cloud-based solution the ERP system supports -

? Online fee payment
? Smart homework
? SMS/Email
? Biometric attendance
? Library management
? Student, teacher and staff management
? Account management
? Compilation of year-end report

ERP multiple applications and tools that work together seamlessly connecting different departments of school and pull the data from those departments into one database. Whether it is tracking classes or attendance of students, ERP can give you all the information you want in a single-click.

How does ERP work?

ERP school software allows automation, integration and helps organize your entire school.

ERP software is designed to handle multiple tasks that you otherwise do on a daily basis of weekly or monthly. You don’t need to worry whether all the students have paid the fees or track money that you have spent on infrastructure. Automation is a wonderful function and you can configure regular reports and export desired information in the form of Excel, PDF, Word, and other formats.

Isn't it a time-saving tool?

The integration system of ERP is another added advantage because different departments in your school can easily share data online. For example, the accounts department can connect with the library and laboratory department in school for any piece of information. Such benefit makes the entire system run efficiently and effectively.

Besides tracking data in real-time you can also make necessary changes and prevent data-entry errors. All the connected departments can access the information from any location, make quick-decisions and begin working on the updated information.

With ERP you can interact with teachers, students, and address queries of parents anytime online. This can reduce the cost of communication!

Not only during lockdown and social distancing times, the ERP school software will continue to ease your school administration in any situation. No more handling of sticky notes, no more generation of paper waste or headaches due to complex excel sheets! What more? Data security!

This is why you need ERP school software!

What are you waiting for?

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