Role of school management application in library management

  • 23 Jul 2019

Role of school management application in library management

Libraries play a crucial role in the education industry. But library management is a common areaof challenge in most schools and colleges. Manually handling and maintaining registerscontaining the data of books available in library or date of books issued to students/teachers is anarduous job. 

In this digital world with the development of digital content, it is essential to manage libraryinformation using scalable and reliable School Management Application. Easy to use cloud-based applications are now available for managing the general requirement of a library of anysize. 

Using cloud-based software you can spot any book in the library at any time and immediately report to the management regarding the shortage of books. Such immediate reporting makes library management smooth and simple. 

The school ERP software can help you categorize your books based on author name, publisher group, and edition and so on. The barcode system can aid in tracking different records such as issue date, return date, fine imposed on late submission of books, different genres of books and other details. 

With the implementation of ERP, schools can ensure speedy and flawless library management. ERP system is easily accessible online so the librarian can stay connected with teachers and students anytime using internet connectivity. The mobile compatible interface will help the librarian with SMS facility to send automated messages to notify students about book issue, return date, late submission fine, book fair events and others. 

Such a system improves work efficiency and saves time, which in turn increases school productivity. Management can ensure adequate availability of books for all the students and deal with any escalations on time. 

Looking for such a high-quality system to supervise your library resources? 

Associate with ERPAcademe and make your library more advanced. This ERP is a handy solution to make your school librarian efficient and dynamic in books management. Other modules of this popular school ERP software in India are inquiry management, student/teacher management, smart homework, payment tracking, biometric attendance and many more. Implement this one-stop solution and let your school stand apart! 

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