Hassle-free School Fee Management Software at your Fingertips

In a world that’s in control of technology, you might choose to manage all your school accounts and payments through highly secure School Fee Management software. Apart from being automated the software if flexible enough to accommodate different kinds of payment and calculate fees based on multiple categories. It does not really matter whether you are a student, parent or teacher, all payments can be processed through this software.

ERPAcademe School Fee Management software is certainly your one-stop solution for any payment related issue. It will help you keep track of all transactions including monthly/quarterly/annual fee payment update with receipts along with dues and fines applicable. Payments can be made through multiple payment gateways and the amount would be directly deposited to the school’s registered bank account. Details of the depositor will be available to the administrator with the option to send out automated payment reminders to parents.

Registration and Payment Management

A few simple steps need to be followed to effortlessly run the Fee Management software:

• The first thing you need to do for managing your payments on this software is register your school, college, or institution. This School fee software free registration is a quick and easy process that is available to everyone.

• Post registration you need to connect it to your official account, followed by transferring the details of all students and fee structure on the cloud database. ERPAcademe offers a very consistent user-interface that is simple and self –explanatory. The entire process is only a few clicks away!

• Every student receives a user name, and it could be as simple as their mobile numbers. However, the administrator must ensure that the user IDs are unique and uniform so that it can be easily identified on the portal.

• Once the IDs are generated, the students can make their fee payments without any trouble. They can opt for Credit cards/Debit cards/Netbanking to make payments.

• As soon as a payment is made, the institute gets an immediate notification, and the payment is updated on the institute’s bank account with the unique user details. This makes it easy to track down the payments of every student, no matter how huge the student count of a particular institution is.

• As per the norms and various government policies, the payment is reflected on the institute’s bank statement within 24 hours of transfer.

Benefits of the Fee Management Software

There are multiple benefits of the fee management software. They are:

• The Institute gets instant alerts about a transaction being made towards the official bank account.

• Tracking the fee payment becomes easy and quick.

• Long queues for fees submission can be avoided and parents can make payments using their debit cards, credit cards, or net banking at anytime from anywhere.

• Chances of failing a date for the fee payment and incurring late charges can get reduced to a large extent.

• As a student you can also check the outstanding amount due and make payments more conveniently through an app.

• E-receipts are automated and are always accurate.

• The management can have control over the payment and it can be handled more effectively.

In this digital era, the School Fee collection software has made things quite easy for the students, parents, as well as the management of an institution. It has been designed to speed up various payments related tasks through automating the entire process. Not only does it help reduce the processing time and provide flexible payment options but is also easy to configure and deploy.

ERPAcademe School Fee payment software has quickly grown into becoming a sought-after solution for most institutions. After all it is the ideal way to drive efficiency through streamlining all financial transactions with proper documentation and that too at a lower cost. With proper security standards and practices involved, this fee collection software offers all the features you would need when it comes to fee management.

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